EVEN IN SILENCE, WE KNOW... Who You Are, Where You Are & Your Emergency.

The CJ Security App is based on the latest technologies for Android and iOS (Apple) smart devices including phones and tablets.
Unlike other Apps on the market, we're the only one available developed to meet standards for monitored security services. These are the same monitoring standards used for for the likes of banks, government, hotels and back to base home alarms systems.

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How it Works

When you activate an emergency assistance request, the App sends all the necessary information about you, they emergency type and your location to our Sydney based Grade 1 Security Monitoring Center which is open 24/7, 365 days a year. Because we have this important information we can dispatch the appropriate emergency service even if you can't speak with us. This is a massive peace of mind should you be incapacitated and unable to speak or are under duress where it may be dangerous to be overheard.

When you request one of the following: General Emergency, Fire or Medical, you will receive a call back to confirm your situation. If you do not answer the service requested will be dispatched to your location. If you choose Duress as your Emergency you will NOT receive a call back confirmation - the Police will be dispatched immediately to your location.

How to Install and Activate

  1. Download the App by clicking on one of the links to suit your device (Android or Apple Version).
  2. Install the App and open it on your device
  3. Enter your details including the agent number if you have one (otherwise leave blank)
  4. Read the Terms & Conditions and either agree to proceed or don't continue if you disagree
  5. Payment method is available through either a PayPal account or Credit Card (also processed by PayPal)
  6. Once Payment has been confirmed, the App will start. Please ensure your Location (GPS) is turned on.

NOTE: Once you have logged into the App you will not be required to enter your username and password when you start it again unless you have logged out or upgraded to a newer version. This is to ensure you are not hindered when requesting an Emergency Service.


The Emergency App requires mobile signal to send alerts which is available in most populated areas of Australia. If you have a compatible Satellite phone then we can assist you anywhere within Australia. When travelling we suggest you check your service provider for coverage in areas you intend visiting:

Mobile Coverage Maps

 What Does it Cost?

At just $8.25 per month ($99.00 per year) including GST, the CJ Security App is great value for a fully monitored Emergency Service for you and your family.

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